Irma Botes Consulting was established to satisfy the growing need, in both the food and supplement industry, to obtain specialised, IP-protected regulatory and technical consultancy, in order to help safeguard brand longevity.

We offer the option of end-to-end product development, and work closely with highly competent manufacturers in the industry to assist with contract manufacturing of the end product, too.

As Managing Director and Scientific Consultant, Irma Botes is able to offer a service, based on vast experience in global supplement research and development, as well as regulatory enforcement (including 5 years at PVM Nutritional Sciences & 11 years for USN at international level).

Services include:

At Irma Botes Consulting, we pride ourselves in confidentiality assurance on all projects.

We are continuously sourcing up-to-date raw materials in order to keep abreast of international trends and scientific developments in the field. This enables us to offer our clients unique formulations that are tailored in the most cost-effective way and customised to their needs.