Irma Botes Consulting will assist you from concept to final product, including:

  • product formulation (food products, drinks, health supplements, feeding scheme projects etc.)
  • raw material sourcing and costing
  • taste panel evaluations (where relevant)
  • relevant referrals for shelf-life and microbiological testing
  • nutritional analysis and product specifications.

We are also able to make recommendations for regulatory formulation changes, when looking to export or import products to/from other regions.


(including Sport Supplements)

  • Legal label assessment/reviews

  • Irma Botes Consulting provides a complete technical review and guidance in the form of a report, for which amendments should be implemented to ensure each label meets mandatory labelling guidelines according to the regulatory requirements of the relevant country, and for the specific product category.

  • Label information drafting

  • We assist with the compilation of both mandatory and optional text to be included on the label, as per relevant product category (e.g. Foodstuff, Complementary Medicine, etc.).

  • Nutritional calculations for label compilation

  • We determine the nutritional values which should be indicated on the label (by calculation or analysis), and compile it in the specific legal format required, depending on the specific country and product type.

  • Foreign label adaptation for South African regulatory requirements

  • South African label adaptation for exporting countries’ regulatory requirements


Irma Botes Consulting can assist with technical training of, and presentations to, clients to market or distribute a new development.